ROCKSTAR RANKING: Top 5 Child Stars of All Time

These kids really kicked butt at acting from an early age.

1. Abigal Breslin

Whether she’s saving animals, dealing with family drama on long car rides, or supporting her sister through cancer, Abigal is always classy and well-spoken. She’s a great role model for young children aspiring to be actors as she carries herself with great poise and handles all of her roles with the same ease and carefreeness that highlights how much fun she’s having!

See her in: Little Miss Sunshine, Nim’s Island, Rango, Definitely, Maybe, My Sister’s Keeper

'Nim's Island' film - 2008

2. Josh Hutcherson

Though Josh only recently gained mainstream acclaim, he’s been on our radar for a long time. From his title role in Bridge to Terebithia to his adorable friendship with the Firehouse Dog, Josh continues to grow into his charming looks and good-natured purpose. We also loved taking a Journey to the Center of the Earth with him and then more recently being reminded that The Kids are Alright. Catch him in his box office blockbuster book-to-film adaptation of The Hunger Games and you will be backlogging the rest of his movies in no time!

See him in: Bridge to Terebithia, Firehouse Dog, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Kids are Alright, The Hunger Games


3. The Olsen Twins

These girls may have since faded out of the public eye, but in their heyday, they were the cat’s meow. With a storybook beginning on the hilarious show Full House, they continued their climb by creating their own company, Dualstar. From there they appeared in The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as well as a series of family films for the generation.

See them in: Full House, New York Minute, Two of a Kind, It Takes Two, Billboard Dad, How the West Was Won


4. Daniel Radcliffe

It’s hard to even refer to Daniel as anything other than Harry Potter, but the childstar has really strived to make a name for himself outside of his humble beginning. We love Radcliffe for his continued versatility, whether it be starring in a show on Broadway or taking on a challenging indie flick, he always seems to be up for the ride.

See him in: Harry Potter, The December Boys


5. Dakota Fanning

While Miley Cyrus pretended to lead two lives, Dakota Fanning lived it. From a young age this starlet was on set with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, all while maintaining an education at a local high school and continuing on to college at NYU. Both beauty and brains, Dakota has impressed fans with her versatility and elegance, both traits she continues to maintain as she grows into more adult roles.

See her in: Charlotte’s Web, Sweet Home Alabama, Twilight, I Am Sam, Coraline, Secret Life of Bees, Lilo and Stitch, Dr Seuss’s Cat and the Hat