MAKING MEMORIES: Mother Son Date Night!

Want to have a fun night with your son? Look no further!

1. Go play bumper cars or go-carting

Every boy loves fast things. Why not go to your local arcade and play around with him.


2. Volunteer together at an animal shelter

Does your little boy love animals? Stop by your local pet shelter and take care of the animals there. This promotes a sense of responsibility and teaches them to be in charge of something!


3. Cooking time!

Make a new recipe with them! Or even spice up an old one of their favorites! Make sure to get them super involved with every aspect. This will teach them about the rules of the kitchen and how to be careful!


4. Read a book!

Is your son more of an indoors type? Try an adventure or mystical type book! Read it together with their favorite snack! Don’t be afraid to go for the tougher books, this would give you the opportunity to explain everything!


5. Build a rocket ship!

Does your son like doing things with his hands? Build a rocket ship out of legos or a cardboard box! This teaches them about mechanics and following directions in a fun way!