INSPIRING KIDS: Special Hockey International Game

Check out this incredible kid helping out one of his teammates score a goal! Truly a heartwarming scene, particularly at the end when the boy puts his hand up in victory celebration. Show your kids this awesome video and read more about the mission of the hockey club below!

Special Hockey allows the developmentally challenged to achieve their own goals on their own schedule. There are no age groups. There are no tryouts. They don’t even need to be able to skate. All they need is what they already have desire. They will learn how to skate, how to hold a stick, how to handle a puck, how to make a pass, how to take a shot, how to make a save. Some may learn by the end of their first season, others may take years. What they will all do immediately is participate at every practice and at every game. That’s because they don’t have to meet anyone else’s expectations, only their own.