WEEKEND WATCH: March 29, 2013


Flicka 2

Want to stay in and get cozy with the fam this evening? Hallmark and Walden Family Theater are presenting Flicka 2, an inspirational story about a girl and her horse, and how their bonds help them in the face of adversity.


Fern Gully

Released in 1992, Fern Gully is a timeless family film about a young fairy who teams up with a human boy to try to stop the loggers from decimating the forest. The magical imagery and adventurous plotline are sure to inspire young viewers!


Parental Guidance

The hilarious shenanigans of the Simmons family light up the screen with an all-star cast including Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. This Walden Media film is sure to get you and the rest of your family ROFLing (rolling on the floor laughing), as your teen would say.

Movie theater:

The Croods

Fall in love with the Croods this weekend as they try to find a new home in the fantastical prehistoric world in which they live! DreamWorks created a sentimental and comedic film that has captured everyone’s attention and is a must-see for the whole family!