SPORTS CORNER: March Madness

This year has been one of upsets! Oregon (12) beat Oklahoma State (5), Ole Miss (12) beat Wisconsin (5), La Salle (13) beat Kansas State, Harvard (14) beat New Mexico (3), California (12) beat UNLV (5), Minnesota (11) beat UCLA (6), and, in the biggest upset of the season, FCGU (15) beat Georgetown (2). As a busy parent, you might not be completely on top of your bracketology (we don’t blame you), but sitting down and enjoying a game with your kids might be just what you need this weekend. If nothing else, share the incredible tales of some of these teams and be on the lookout for more upsets this weekend!

What to watch and where:

At 7:15 on CBS Sports, #12 Oregon takes on #1 Louisville. Going in to the tournament, a lot of experts had Louisville winning the tournament, but as we have already seen, stranger things have happened. Check out this action-packed face off tonight over dinner!


At 9:57 on TBS (perhaps a little past bedtime, but it’ll be worth it!!), check out the face-off of the tournament; two Florida teams, #3 University of Florida versus #15 Florida Gulf Coast. So far, FGCU has stunned everyone and have become the true underdogs of the NCAA. They are the first 15 seed to ever make it to the Sweet Sixteen and they weren’t even eligible to participate in the tournament a few years ago. The Athletic Director says the school doesn’t even have the money to pay for all the travel of recent, and the coach is an ex-technology guru who sold off his company to pursue his coaching passions. Win or loose, FGCU has completely surprised everyone (and ruined their brackets simultaneously). Check out their dunk videos with your kids to see what they’re all about!