Car Games!

Going on a long car trip soon and searching for ways to occupy your children? Look no further!

1. License Plate Game

Look at the car license plates you are driving past and try to get every state. This version works best for cross country travel. If you’re staying more local, try coming up with words from the letters on the license plate.

2. Once upon a time…

Each player comes up with one sentence or even just a word at a time. Start off with once upon and time and see what comes next. Players should try to end it just as you pull up to your destination.

3. The Brain Game

Each player selects something outside of the car, and tells everyone what he/she picked. Then every player has to come up with a dozen or so different uses for it.

4. 20 Questions

Think of something inside of outside the car. Then start by giving a clue to your children; if they don’t get it give them more clues until they guess correctly.

5. Where I live…

It’s often hard for little ones to remember their addresses. So in a effort to help them, come up with a rhyme for your address with detailing down to the house number and color of the door. If you can, include your phone number too!