Arts and Crafts

Creativity is an important part of child development. Foster this crucial part of a child’s life through arts and crafts! Here are some craft ideas for parents and children to do together:

1) Let kids be messy! Have them paint with their hands in a place where the mess can be contained, such as on a tarp outside or on a beach towel on your porch. messyplay3-300x225

2) Make sock puppets! All you need are socks, markers, and any other decorating pieces you have (glitter, googly eyes, string, etc.) The kids will love creating their own characters and will have fun bringing them to life once their done.


3) Decorate keepsake boxes. Take empty tissue boxes and cover them with wrapping paper or tissue paper, the decorate with markers and stickers!

4) Draw with chalk! Kids will love being outside while creating giant works of art with you! And a plus, the mess washes away quickly!