Juggling your career and parenting can be difficult, but these rockstars seem to have the hang of it!

Barbra Streisand

barbra streisand

Barbra Streisand and her son Jason Gould captured in a loving embrace. The similarities between mother and son don’t just stop at looks, as Jason is following in his mother’s rockstar footprints and currently works as an actor, writer, and producer.

Sir Elton John


Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish have adopted a beautiful baby boy Elijah! Sir Elton knows there is more to life than fame, power, and riches. Nothing can compare to the beauty and love of a new family!

Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Jon bon Jovi knows the difficulties of raising a family, but he stands by his four kids through thick and thin!

Gene Simmons

gene simmons

We had the pleasure of watching Gene Simmons and his family’s shenanigans on television, and it was pretty clear there is a lot of love in the Simmons household!