INSPIRING KIDS: 2 Young Heroes

Here is a video of 2 amazing young boys who became heroes. Ethan Wilson and his friend Rocky Hurt were outside playing football in the yard when suddenly they heard Georgia mother Susanna Rohm yelling for help. Her 11-week old baby Isaiah had stopped breathing, so she ran outside, yelling for someone to call 911. The boys didn’t hesitate to act. They quickly sprang into action. Ethan ran to report the incident while Rocky ran to the mother’s aid. Susanna was screaming as Rocky came inside. She had her hand on her baby’s chest and Rocky told her to push down with 2 fingers on Isaiah’s chest 5 times, then to breathe into the baby’s mouth. After a few minutes, Isaiah let out a cry and was able to breathe again.

This amazing story of 2 young heroes is such an inspiration to everyone! Kids can take their story as an example that no matter how young you are, you truly can be a hero to someone!