GIVING BACK: Ways to Volunteer

Getting your children into volunteering in your community at a young age is a wonderful thing to do. It teaches them about giving back, helping those in need, being an active citizen, and having responsibility. It is not always easy, however, to figure out a place to volunteer that is kid-friendly. Here are 3 ideas that your child can do to get them involved and passionate about volunteering.

1. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.


If your child likes to be around animals, this is a great, fun way to get them to help animals in need. Caring for the animals will expose them to nurturing and responsibility while being around amazing animals all the time.

2. Visit a local nursing home.

senior citizen

Spending time with senior citizens can be a wonderful experience for children. They will have the opportunity to hear stories from older generations and will likely be able to brighten their day. Even spending an hour a week at a nursing home can foster great new friendships!

3. Hold a food drive for a local food pantry.

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Encourage your child to ask his or her class to bring in some non-perishable food items to donate to a local food pantry. If everyone brings in one item it can really make a difference in some people’s lives!