SPORTS CORNER: Why tonight is so important for Michigan


Hey sports fans! Tonight is the biggest night for college basketball as Louisville and Michigan prepare to fight for a national championship. If you’re like most March Madness followers, you didn’t see this coming and your brackets have been done since the first round of the tournament. But no one can deny that this is sure to be an exciting game with two very unique teams. For today’s Sports Corner post, we thought we’d share a little bit of history for Michigan to explain why this game is so important for the program.

Michigan has not won a national title since 1989 and has seen plenty of drama since. In the past few years, the program has been striving to rise up from various scandals and play the Michigan-style basketball it did in the 80’s. The freshmen-heavy lineup that we will see on the court for Michigan tonight is reminding many fans of the original Fab 5, 5 freshmen who entered Michigan in 1991 who arguably changed college basketball forever. The players tonight have Wolverines everywhere hoping they can pull off the win and be heroes. Read more on Michigan basketball’s history here: .

Enjoy the game tonight!