INSPIRING KIDS: 2 Young Heroes

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SPORTS CORNER: Conner and Cayden Long

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Snacktime Fun: Safari Dip

Ants on a log is in the past, but put an animal cracker on there and it’s brand new again! 1. Have your child pick out their favorite animal of the given animal… Continue reading


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Remember This: Challenge Accepted

If your son or daughter has a knack for adventure and the gross types of challenges they have on shows like Survivor, then How to Eat Fried Worms is for you! Watch as… Continue reading

ROCKSTAR RANKINGS: Top 7 Soundtracks for Sing-a-longs!

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Arts and Crafts

Creativity is an important part of child development. Foster this crucial part of a child’s life through arts and crafts! Here are some craft ideas for parents and children to do together: 1)… Continue reading

Readers Corner: Savvy

Savvy By Ingrid Law For years and years, the Beaumont family has hidden away their ┬ámagical secret. They each possess a “savvy” or a special supernatural power that awakens when they turn thirteen.… Continue reading

SPORTS CORNER: Mikey Stolzenberg

For anyone who has ever played or even seen the sport of lacrosse, you know that it takes a great deal of hand-eye coordination to catch, throw, and shoot the ball. No challenge… Continue reading